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n the GEM stocks, the first batch of IPOs should provide a ▓certain number of stocks for trade and form a block to provide more choices for investors to guard against speculation, the official said. "None of the first IPOs on the GEM was of huge size an

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d thus though the listings will be concentrated, it would not affect capital on the main board," the official said. The CSRC started to accept applications of▓ the GEM on July 26 and had received 155 applications for IPOs on the GEM as of Sept. 10. The CSRC has formally agreed to handle 149 enterprises' applic▓ations tha

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t aim to raise 33.61 billion yuan (4.92 billion U.S. dollars). Eastern China's Fujian Province has very similar geographical ▓and weather conditions to Taiwan. That's a major reason why enterprises on the island ha▓ve chosen the region as their top desti

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nation for modern agriculture investment. They are not only using the fertile land as their farming base, bu▓t also using their investm

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